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About Eisai

Eisai is a human health care (hhc) company seeking innovative solutions in disease prevention, treatment and care for the health and well-being of people worldwide. Our company’s hhc mission symbol is derived from the letters in Florence Nightingale’s signature. Following the example set by this famed healthcare pioneer, who devoted her life to caring for others yet never lost sight of the importance of listening to her patients, Eisai marshals its talents to explore new therapeutic approaches that help address two key goals: meeting the medical needs of patients and their families, and improving their quality of life.

What’s Inside

Understand more about Eisai’s corporate history and philosophy in About Us.Visit our Current Products and read successful story to learn about how our treatments benefit patients. Find out what’s new on our homepage, and keep up-to-date with the latest news on our global website via the News SectionFor inquiries and directions, please visit Contact Us.